Saturday, March 21, 2009


As most of already know i am Green Jello's youngest daughter, Violet. And as my mom said, I have a love affair with the freezer. So I am officialy making Saturday experiment day!So now im going to leave and do an experiment!
Bi Bi!



  1. Have fun and don't blow anything up! (Sorry, I think I channeled your mom there for a sec. Sec is over.)

  2. Now, see, I have that same thing going with my refrigerator. I wrap food in foil, shove it WAAYY back in the back, and after a month or so pull it out and play "What's That Fuzz?". Sometimes we can identify what the food used to be just by the mold that is growing on it. If no one wants to look we try to guess what it is by the smell but then we want to barf...

    My favorite of your freezer experiments was the egg!

  3. So when are we going to figure out what it is that you froze?

  4. the whole family blogs and they ALL manage to crack me up. Im becoming a follower :) Hope you dont mind! You are really entertaining Violet, keep up the writing. I can't wait for your next post.

    ps...are you REALLY 13? Or are you really a 43 year old comedian posing as a 13 year old so you can appeal to a bigger crowd, you know, go for the cute factor. haha.